NDT Engineering and Design Services

NDT Engineering Services

INCP.Tech supports clients with NDT engineering, according to recognized international codes and standards, delivering the following services:

  • NDT procedure preparation/review;
  • NDT documentation preparation/review;
  • NDT specification preparation/review;
  • NDT project management;
  • Design services;
  • Scan plan Preparation;
  • R&D assistance for new inspection methodologies.

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Design Services

INCP.Tech supports clients with calibration block, reference blocks and mechanical parts design services using the major CAD software.  INCP.Tech  offers also assistance during machining of the designed blocks and mechanical parts.

INCP.Tech delivers the following services:

  • Calibration block design and built-in assistance;
  • Mechanical part design and built-in assistance;
  • Probe holder built-in assistance;
  • Scanner design and build-in assistance.



Scan Plan Preparation

Special software modelling tools can support NDT engineering for inspection preparation. Conventional and phased array ultrasonic inspection can benefit from software modeling tools as an aid to define:

  • inspection parameters;
  • probe frequency, pitch, elevation, wedge angle, material and dimensions;
  • proper weld coverage and focalization;
  • correct probe positioning.

Those special software modelling tools are also used by INCP.Tech  for scan plan development. They also provide advantages such that it facilitates the inspection work. By providing a 3D visual representation of the inspection geometry and technique, they make possible the assessment of an inspection setup before performing the inspection itself. Configurations ranging from setups with conventional ultrasonic probe on a flat part to setups with multiple phased array probes and complex components can be defined.

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Once the NDT method is chosen, the scan plan can be properly done. Scan plan preparation can drastically reduce the on-site setup preparation time

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