3rd Party Assistance

INCP.Tech   provides 3rd party assistance and inspection services delivered by NDT experts coming from multiple industry sectors.  Our experts are able to inspect the job and impartially assure that inspection taking place is sufficiently rigorous and compliant with applicable procedure/specifications and Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). INCP.Tech provides highly experienced and qualified personnel to undertake third party inspections. Experience in our team ranges from oil&gas to Power sector, with qualifications up to ISO 9712 NDT Level 3 in multiple methods.


3rd party inspection services include:

  • Field surveillance;
  • Auditing;
  • Provision of NDT inspectors;
  • Qualifications of NDT sub-contractors and their personnel;
  • Validation of inspection processes and personnel;
  • Witnessing of inspection processes.

NDT methods covered by INCP.Tech's experience are:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ET);

  • Magnetic Testing (MT);

  • Penetrant Testing (PT)

  • radiographic Testing (RT)

  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD);
  • Ultrasinic Testing (UT) and Ultrasonic Testing with Phased Array (PAUT);

  • Visual Testing (VT) 

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