"Different Industries, Different Needs"

Oil and Gas

One of the missions of INCP.Tech is to help our Oil and Gas Clients to enable life extension and reduce their costs t​hrough the effective use of advanced NDT methodologies.

IIn particular, INCP.Tech provides solutions to:

  • Extend the lifetime of ageing structures;
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with regulations and standards;
  • Improve the reliability of inspections;
  • Condition monitor throughout the structures lifetime.


Boilers, headerd, steam lines, turbines, feedwater heaters and condensers are the main components inspected in power plants. The reason for inspection depends on the particoular component and its effect on the power generation:

  • Boilers tubes and feewater heaters are inspected to avoid forced outages;
  • Turbine component inspections are done for safety and operational reasons;
  • Steam lines are inspected for safety reasons;
  • Condenser tube inspections are primarly done to assess condition for replacement decisions.

INCP.Tech covers the appropriate selection and application of NDT techniques for the inspection of power plants.

Engineering and Fabrication

INCP.Tech's personnel help to design, implement and improve manufacturing systems and processes.  With a specialized knowledge in metallurgy, welding and production process, INCP.Tech's personnel can offer support during the preparation of a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) carring out NDT on the weld test piece produced under the WPS. INCP.Tech can also verify the weld test piece meets the applicable codes or standards.

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